Contribute to django-classy-tags

As with (hopefully) any open source project, contribution is very welcome.

Review the documentation

A great way to contribute to django-classy-tags, which requires absolutely no coding skills and can be done by anyone who knows English, is to read this documentation and inform me about any mistakes in the documentation. Also any suggestion on how to write the documentation clearer and easier to understand would be greatly appreciated.

If you use django-classy-tags yourself as a developer and found certain things in the documentation to be unclear to you or you would like to have more in depth documentation on some features, please also tell me so I can make it easier for people to use this project.

Spread the word

Tell people about this project! The more people use it the higher the chance the quality of this project will increase.

Improve the test suite

There is a handy little test framework located in the testdata folder. It allows automated testing of django-classy-tags implementation against builtin Django tags. Have a look at the existing tags and feel free to add more!

Also adding good old unit tests is a great way to help too.

Running the test suite

From the root folder of your django-classy-tags checkout, run ./

Write code

Want a feature implemented or a bug eliminated? The quickest way to get there is to write the code yourself and get it back to me.

Please note that your code must have full test coverage and full documentation coverage, otherwise it won’t be pulled into the main repository.